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First Pic from Mid America Shelby meet!

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On my homepage is the first Pic I have of the Vintage Race on Friday! More coming soon!

That's a Boss 351 I'm passing in the corner they call the "B - - - h". The car ran strong and great all three days. Art was there with his Couger (cool car). My buddy Jay blew up his 289 (went to zero oil pressure at 7000 rpm).

Had a great time. Had NO TAKERS from any VMFr's for a free ride on the track (is it me?)
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Bring it to SAAC 27 in Fontana and I will be your copilot in an instant! looks like a killer time......sigh. I wanna do that!
are you joking?, no takers.. I would have paid you money for a ride!
Looks pretty cool ! Glad it was fun.....

Makes me want the track coupe ! Dickson
Great pic Charlie...looking forward to more. I promise you I would ride with you at least once. You might not get back in the second time though. I can't believe Jay handgranaded his 289...he was so gentle on it....not.

Have you heard anything on the opentrack at the fall event previuosly held at Motorsport ranch?

That's way cool!!

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