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well i finally got my wiring right so time to fire up the lil monster. Well getting fuel to the mechanical pump but nothing out of it. take the pump off and push the push rod by hand and fuel spit everywhere. put it back in making sure the ecentric and rod where meeting correctly and sure as sh*it it was . Now i put an aftermarket ecentric in im thinking it might be the wrong size and isn't pushing the rod far enough?
any ideas?
It ran like a bear when i fed gas threw the venturis manually so im putting an electric pump on to run it tommorow. On the upside she sounds like a prostockcar hehehe maybe i'll take it for one lil spin before i put the exhaust on =-)

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Had this problem once. It seems that the bolts that held the pump to the timing cover were too tight. As soon as I loosened the bolts, gas came spitting out the tube. So I just snugged them and never had a problem after that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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