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Since the header saga is over and the exhaust shop can't get me in until next week, I decided to do some cleaning on the floors while the car was on the lift. Best chance to clean it before the new exhaust is in the way. I'll work more on the outer edges later.
This approach worked pretty well for me:
- Car had a thin layer of oil, basically the underside was black.
- 1st pic is early in the header saga when I had cleaned a section to be able to mark with a sharpie where the H-Pipe was.
- Used almost a whole bottle of Resolve Spot+ Stain cleaner for carpets, and a little engine degreaser on a few thick spots. Resolve for about 90% of the job.
- A whole roll of blue shop towels, and a putty knife on a couple thick spots.
- About 5-6 hours of elbow grease and a sore neck.
Wa-Lah, now maybe one of the cleanest 122k mile floors out there.

Still need to remove the exhaust hangers and get underneath them.


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