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Floor Jack Height Help, Please

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I've got a 2-1/4 ton, 19-1/2" floor jack and 2-ton floor stands that can support the car 2' above the ground.

My car is now supported about 17" above the ground, so I've got another 7" to go on the stands. The jack won't go any higher, so I'm wondering how to jack it up an additional 7+ inches.

I guess ther are 2 options: support the jack on 7" of blocks, or rent a cherry picker to lift the car (darn...I just had one the other day!!).

Any other suggestions?


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I have a SUV adapter for my jack that is 7" long, it replaces the normal pad on the jack. It came with my old jack, but I'm sure you can find one somewhere.
Just make a different jack pad that is spaced up the appropriate will go into same hole as your existing pad.

I done the wood block thing and, while it is quick and dirty, it's just not that safe...definitely not safe enough to recommend to someone else...

If you had some railroad ties or 4x12 headers screwed together, you could carve out some wells for the wheels to set in and put one block under the front and one under the back wheels...

That's as far as I'll go..*G*
I went to a local house they were building, look for a neighborhood that has a lot of construction. When they build the garages they have to trim the laminate beams they put above the garage door opening. Mine is 5.5 inches thick and 14 inches wide. I gouged out the place that the wheels on the floor jack sit on the wood, so the jack sits on its belly on top of the laminate beam. Its very steady and I can jack the car all the way up to the height I want on the jack stands.
I usally ask if I can have the beam scraps, just to make it "legal". the framers usally don't care, they know its trash.
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