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New to this forum - bought a 67 convertible (which I have yet to pick up). I know most of the floor is going to need replacement.

Any suggestions as to brands of floorpans - which are good, bad, ugly, and so on??

Also a bit of advice required on quarter panel selection, as my brother has a GTA coupe, and both quarters need to be replaced. Is it worth it to find NOS panels, or are the repro ones as good? I put repro quarters on my 67 Cougar, but I noticed after that the lines aren't as well defined as the original sheetmetal. Is this true of Mustangs as well?

Thanks in advance!

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Don't forget to check the inner rockers on the convertible. If the floors are rusty, I'd bet the inner rockers are too.

The repro quarters and patches are not quite the same quality as OEM, but it's a matter of "How much do you want to spend, and what are your goals?" Repro is not bad, it's just not perfect.

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