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New to this forum - bought a 67 convertible (which I have yet to pick up). I know most of the floor is going to need replacement.

Any suggestions as to brands of floorpans - which are good, bad, ugly, and so on??

Also a bit of advice required on quarter panel selection, as my brother has a GTA coupe, and both quarters need to be replaced. Is it worth it to find NOS panels, or are the repro ones as good? I put repro quarters on my 67 Cougar, but I noticed after that the lines aren't as well defined as the original sheetmetal. Is this true of Mustangs as well?

Thanks in advance!

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Another option is to cut quarter panels from a donor car. I believe the repro Mustang quarters are about the same quality as your Cougar's - unless things have gotten better in the last two years.


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