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Flow master and my mustang

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Hi, I have a 1966 Mustang and recently put one flow master on. I like the way the car sounds now, I may sound dumb. But what are the consequences if I take the pipe off of the exhaust? When they first put the muffler on it sounded awesome, but then they put the pipe on and its a bit quieter now. Can I take the pipe off? I don't have the kind of money right now to put duels on right now, and I really like the way the car sounds without the pipe. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Make sure there is no exhaust coming out around your gas tank!!!! That pipe going out the back is doing that for you now!

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Did you use a 3 chamber or a 2 chamber flowmaster ? If you used a 3 chamber you can move to a 2 chamber , if you used a 2 chamber they actually have single chamber flowmaster. If you like the sound of a flowmaster I think you will be disappointed with glass packs.

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