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Flowmaster Question!!

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Does anyone run Flowmasters 3-chamber 50-series Delta Flow mufflers?? Are they quiet?? A good description would help!! This is for my sister, and she wants it pretty quiet, but if she get's heavy footed, the it can be heard. She wants to be able to have a conversation! Thanks!!
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I don't have them on my car but I have herd them and they should
work out ok. Any Flowmaster 3 chamber is quieter than the 2 by quite
a bit. On the gas or going uphill will make some noise. My wife has the
regular 3 chamber on her '61 Ranchero with a 289 and she wishes it was
a little louder. A X pipe will make it even quieter.
When we got my wifes Ranchero running all I had was strait pipes going
to the 3 chamber flowmasters. She drove it like that for a week or so
until we could get it into the muffler shop. It was loud! I had the guy put
in a X pipe and full tail pipes, 2 1/2 before the mufflers and 2 1/4 after.
When we picked up the Ranchero it was so much quieter it was amazing.
My wife wanted her rummble back. A X pipe and tail pipes make a huge

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If your sister wants quiet, the advice I have for you is stay away from 2-chamber flowmaster. On the fastback, I've got the 351W, 2 1/2 pipes and the 2 chamber. And even idling in the garage the car is loud. My neighbors love me, especially when I leave for work early mornings.*G* One neigbor, across the street and two houses down, commented that they heard my car at idle in my garage, when they were in the back bedroom with all of the doors and windows closed. Now just imagine how loud it is out on the freeway at 3000 rpms and I stick my foot in it.

So, I'd suggest staying with 3-chamber. Nice low end rumble, but when you roll you foot into it, you can hear 'em just fine. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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We just put 3 chambers on our 66' and like them a lot! Not too loud and just right when you put your foot in it. Ours is a 289 with Tri-Y headers, dual 2 1/2 inch to the rear valance, no H-pipe. My son's friends have 2 chambers and they are approaching irritating they are so loud.

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Depends on what your sister means by "pretty quiet". I run Flowmaster 3-chamber on mine with dual 2" exhaust and tri-Y's on a 302. It's certainly much louder than a stock dual exhaust. I like the deep rumble at idle and the roar when I step on it, but I'm currently deep into a midlife crisis trying to recapture my youth. If your sister wants to hear the stereo clearly at freeway speeds, you might want to consider a quieter exhaust.

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I have them on my '65 convertible. There is a drone at a certain RPM with the top up, but since I run with the top down most of the time I hardly notice it. It depends on what your sister means by "quiet". The 50 series are quieter than the standard 3-chamber units but are still noisier than a stock type unit you'd get at a place like Midas. At high RPM they really sing but at low they are quite nice. I like mine. Plus they help with torque.

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