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I don't have them on my car but I have herd them and they should
work out ok. Any Flowmaster 3 chamber is quieter than the 2 by quite
a bit. On the gas or going uphill will make some noise. My wife has the
regular 3 chamber on her '61 Ranchero with a 289 and she wishes it was
a little louder. A X pipe will make it even quieter.
When we got my wifes Ranchero running all I had was strait pipes going
to the 3 chamber flowmasters. She drove it like that for a week or so
until we could get it into the muffler shop. It was loud! I had the guy put
in a X pipe and full tail pipes, 2 1/2 before the mufflers and 2 1/4 after.
When we picked up the Ranchero it was so much quieter it was amazing.
My wife wanted her rummble back. A X pipe and tail pipes make a huge

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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