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I have searched the forum and cannot find the answer to my question. So here it is for all you electrical gurus. I wanted to add fog lamps to my 67 Fastback. While installing them on the grill, I found the wiring harness already present with the pig tails ready to plug in. The question now is where does that wiring go underneath the dash. That is what color wires do I look for to attach now to the fog lamp switch. Do I need to put in a new circuit breaker that came with the kit, or can I use the existing wiring harness and just install the fog lamp switch underneath the ignition switch. The holes are already present. I just don't know what colored wires to look for and where they are located. Or would it be better to install new wiring that came with the kit? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ken

67 Fastback, 390 AT/AC/PS/PB Deluxe interior
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