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Hey everyone, I have a problem with my fog lights. For some reason when you look at the back of the fog lights you see only the piece that hooks up to something. I have no clue what it hooks up to. I tried looking for the wire that it hooks up to but unfortunately. If by some reason the wiring has been taken out, how do I put one back in. I really don't know the process of hooking fog lights up. I've tried looking in one of my books I have but no success! If anyone can help me it would be helpful. Thanks!

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Do you have a fog light switch mounted on the left side of the dash under the windshield wiper switch?
Do you have two 13/16" holes stamped into the radiator support for the fog light harnesses to run through?

If not someone probably added the fog lights, but not the wiring.

If the switch is there you might remove it to see if the hole is round or D shaped. I have been told that factory fog lights had the D shaped hole, although I have never verified this first hand.

You should be able to buy the harness and any other components from most of the Mustang vendors

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