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I have owned many fastbacks over the years and probably 40 fold down seat assemblies and i thought ive seen them all until now.
I recently picked up a fold down back seat assembly and has something ive never seen before.
On the curved section, there is a bolt on catch on the passenger side. I have seen and am aware of the mustangs with the single latch and the mustangs with the latches on both sides , with the coresponding hole (or catch) on the side of the curved molding piece , but have never seen this.

At first I thought someone had gone to the hardware store and installed this makeshift catch until I looked at it closer.
Upon inspection , there are 2 factory threaded holes , and the factory molding has square cut outs to go around it.

Can anyone confirm that this is correct for a very early 65 Fastback , how long they used this style and how rare it may be?

thank you
see pics


1965 Ford Mustang fastback T5 Ncas 9in Locker
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What is the build date of your car?
I have a March 11 65 but fold down is in storage.
There use to be a site to go to but the guy who built it was K.I.A. in Afghanistan I believe.
Some one on this site was entrusted with careing for the info. Might ask in the General Discussion Forum... www was the name of the site.
Good Luck. If you find it post it up here so others may find it.馃憤
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