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Thanks to those who responded on the headliner glue post I made. The brand name is ISP and it is sold by NPD. The weldwood red can contact cement worked great!!! The half of the car done with that came out perfect. The passenger side has two "clumps" at the number 2 and 3 seams, down where it wraps around the door opening, due to stretching of the material, etc. under application of the NPD headliner glue.

Got the valves adjusted right this time, no clickity clack. The new in-dash tach worked under the stock ignition, but when I hooked up the Jacobs pro street, the tach stopped working. Jacobs tells me there is an adapter part I should have and they are going to send it to me without charge.

The newest electrical wrinkle is that the turn indicators now work when the engine is running, but not when the engine is off, but key turned to run. Also, even though the indicators are blinking, the arrows in the instrument cluster are not lighting up. hmmm. I pulled the sockets and put dialetic grease in them and checked the bulbs (which are good). STill no light. The brake warning light is on when the engine runs, but I have vacuum and a full master cylinder. Maybe I need to adjust the aftermarket proportioning valve which came with my SSB kit. What do you think? Still no emergency flashers. They worked yesterday, but do not work today. I think I have gremlins.

The funny thing is a squirrel put a dried blueberry muffin between my front coil springs. Maybe the squirrel is eating my wiring.

Car sounds mean!!!!! Flowmaster and X pipe.

sure it's fun (most of the time), but it's only a car.
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