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followup on 68 steering column paint

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I am assuming that like most assembly line items the column would be sprayed as an assembled unit. Would I assume the paint color would be on the plastic that covers the collapsible part of the column as well as on the flyaway cable where it exits the column?
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Recalling from memory, the collapsible part of the column should be black regardless of the interior color.
No it wasn't painted as a unit. So only the column, trun indicator housing and cup are painted interior color
I have seen a half dozen 68 Shelby columns and none of those were painted the correct interior color. Well they were, but it was over the top of another stock color. I have even some columns that were turquoise (not a Shelby color) and painted over to be black. I suspect the columns were pre-built and prepainted when they got to the plant.
That practice was also seen on GM cars. Working in a body shop in the 60's, it was not an uncommon site. A lot of **** happened at assembly plants.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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