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I have a set of 4 NOS 69 Mustang Magnum 500 Center Caps C9ZZ-1130-E
available for sale. Asking $400 for the set.
These caps are for 1969 Mustang Magnum 500 wheels with a 2" center opening. The attaching clips are too small for the later 2 1/8" center openings.
These caps of some imprinting cast on the metal on the inside of the cap. It is not easy to see but I was able to decipher the following: "C9MA9ANV B 1969 W8267".
These caps are in excellent new condition. No blemishes discernable.
These are original Ford replacement service parts. They were packaged separately in Ford service part plastic bags. I can not find a date code on the bags, so I don't know how old they are. I have had them for many years waiting to use them, but I have recently sold my 69 Mach I and no longer need them. Unfortunately, the bags have started to disintegrate from age. The original imprinting of the part number is still visible on all the bags.
I can send photos of the caps and bags upon request. Contact me at:
[email protected] if interested. Thank you!
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