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I posted yesterday asking about recharging my A/C, and didn't have time to check back until now. Along with the info I needed, I was asked a couple questions. Thought I'd answer them in a fresh post...

First of all, thanks for the responses! ;) As for the finding leak, I already know where it is. Classic Auto Air sent me replacements for both hoses in question – completely free of charge. They're really nice folks to work with. The problem is, I simply don't have a spare minute to replace them; so I thought I could do a quickie recharge and get to the hoses next month (after all the fresh 134 has escaped!).

And that electrical surging problem – I think Veronica hit the nail on the head. It seems to have been the voltage regulator. I haven't driven it around a great deal with the air blowing because it's only blowing hot; but what little testing I've done (with the new regulator in place) appears to be smooth and normal. ::

Thanks for the continued interest in my A/C saga – As always, I appreciate all the encouragement and advice! ;)
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