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For those who don't know FBD =

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Fire Breathing Dragon.
I came up with that the first time I looked at the front end of our 73 vert in a picture I took. The NACA scoops look like Dragon nostrals. Thus " Fire Breathing Dragon"
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I was not in the know. =]
Thanks for clearing that up. That's been buggin me for a long time ... even reveiwed a bunch of your old posts trying to find what I'd missed. I kept thinking FBD= Fast Back D? what the hell is D?

Hehehe ROTF
Funny, I know you're headed to Iowa right now but as an owner of a 73 vert I always felt that "Fun but Demanding!" was a better explanation for our breed /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Soon you an can add.... FBD-BOC.... Anyone dazed and confused???? Well now that you know what FDB stands for, with the new 429 she's sure to be the CF2 Burn Out Champion!!!!!!! (BOC)
70 76B Convert 351 C4v w/a shaker!!!!!!!
I'm still trying to figure out TFOB,,,I came up with Tough F***er On Board...not sure if it's right... all makes sense now =)
I know that TFOB posted what it means a while back, but I forget what it means. Maybe [color:red]T</font color=red>he [color:red]F</font color=red>un [color:red]O</font color=red>ld [color:red]B</font color=red>oy? Or maybe the "B" has something to do with a child born out of wedlock. /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif fd
Thanks, I feel enlightened now
Tony Full of Balony.
thanks for clearing that up
Or, would that be FBD-B8R

Fire Breathing Dragon - Broken 8" Rear !!!! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif

Just polish that trophy up for me!!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Thanks for clearing that up, was really confusing me & that aint hard to do./forums/images/icons/smile.gif LOL.
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