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Ford Racing Distributor Cap & Rotor

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Will the Ford Racing performace cap & rotor work with my stock distributor on my '68. I'm also thinking of doing the Pertronix upgrade and need to know if that will work with this cap & rotor combo also?


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If you are talking about the positive, (spark plug type) terminal cap, yes. You can buy all the ame stuff though at your local auto parts store. You need the cap, rotor, and the intermediate ring. You also need the late model type spark plug wires.

If you tell the counter guy that the application is for a '75 302 you will get all of the right parts. Then you can just put them right on your '68 points type distributor.
I love the looks I get from Auto Zone/Advance counter guys when I say something like;

1953 F1 pickup with a
1969 390 with a
1976 Duraspark distributor

They don't know whether to scratch their ass or go blind...
That's funny, they usualy say to me "Do you want frys with that?".............. *G*.
No doubt....remember when to be a parts guy, they actually had to know what they're talking about???? These days, they're maybe one step up from a lab rat hitting a feeder bar!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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