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Ford Sunliner or Starliner...a 427 car?

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Today at a car show I looked at a Sunliner that was unrestored. Under the hood resides a dual qaud 427. Is this a factory engine or a transplant? Thanks...
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was it maybe a STARLINER?
Theres not too many of these around so I couldnt remember if it was a Sunliner or a Starliner.

Although the 427 doesn't appear in '61, dollars to donuts this body got one at a later date, possibly as a R-coder in '63...if I uncover any more details, I'll pass them along..

Additional links...

From this site I gather the last year of the Sunliner was '62, which, from my information, would obviate that model from having the R-code engine...
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The STARLINER was a fastback Galaxie 1960 and 1961. The SUNLINER was a convertible. The 427 was not released until the 1963 model year.
Starliner was the fastback roofed version of the Galaxie produced in 1960-61. Biggest engine available was 390, up to 401 horsepower with a tripower in 1961. Here are some pics of my old one... Sunliner was Ford's model name for convertibles from the mid fifties until 1962. A 1962 Sunliner could be had with a 405 Horsepower 406 tripower.
The guy saying the 427 appeared in 1963 in the fastback roofed Galaxie Starliner is correct. In 1962, the offering was a 406 ci engine. I remember these well because I wanted one bad. I finally afforded my first muscle car in 1965 but it was a Chevelle SS396 (the big cube Starliner was no longer offered). Sunliner was the name given to convertibles. Starliner was the name given to hardtops with slanted rooflines.
My brother had a '61 Sunliner with a dual-quad 427, but it was a transplant. The big engine that year, as someone else has already noted, was the 406. What a car that was! Thanks for the memory. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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