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forgot swmbo 40th b-day

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Too much traveling, too many projects, and guess what? SWMBO, her 40th birthday came and went, do I feel like an A$$. So take my advice, don't forget your better half's b-day like I did. She reminds me daily.

Help me dig out of this hole, How do I make it up to her.

Thanks again
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The fact that your still alive amazes me! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

That reminds 5 year wedding anniversary is tommorrow. I wonder if SWMBO will like the 8 inch 3.55 trac lok that arrive FedEX ground today....a little pink bow maybe a carnation on top....she'll never know it wasn't for her originally.

Yeah right...who am I kidding /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

1-800-flowers to the rescue.
Tell her you let it pass on purpose since the 40th is the most dreaded of the b-days and you didn't want to remind/upset her.
Something tells me you already tried that angle.
gary s 289 is right. I was going to suggest you let me take care of your car when you are 'gone'.

It looks like SWMBO may have a slow, painful death planned for you. If you last another year, I would...who am I kidding. Carpe Diem.
OMG, you forgot the rules? You know you can never make it up, you'll be reminded of for years! About 5 years in my case *LOL*
Just say that she looks way to young to be 40, and that as a result it was a good birthday to miss. Offer to take her for a "late" celebration of the anniversary of her 30th birthday!

I think you should get her a Shelby. It will go nice with the Boss and the vert. If that doesn't float, diamonds! Diamonds always seems to work, and in your case, I would suggest a .25 carot or better, along with an apology!
40!!?? Oh baby, I'm sorry. It's soooo easy to forget when everytime I look at you I'm amazed at how little you've changed since we first met, while I've become a fat, lazy, bald inconsiderate jerk. How do you put up with me? Let's go get something to eat, you choose.

Hmmm, and this is the post that made me an "addict".
Yes, you are just lucky to be alive. Anything you do or say will only be temporary. Expect to hear about your mistake for a loooong time.

Oh buddy, you're screwed! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif Well, I guess technically, you aren't (and won't be any time soon!).

You are hereby sentenced to 40 days and 40 nights of pure HELL!!!!

There's NO easy way to make this one go away. Anything NICE you do for the next month will just remind her, so don't even TRY being nice..../forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Yep, you've really "slipped up" this time!!!
Do what I do, have some woman friend call her about midnight and ask her where you are and that you're late for a date. Missing the bday will become an insignificant problem. Try it, you'll see.
One word: JEWELRY

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it usually works in these situations. A little something / bauble (to use a chick word) has always gotten me out of the doghouse a little bit faster. Good Luck!
Jewelry is the answer. Try to run the Shelby by her LoL. She might go for it, never know /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.


PS- Nice pic Bob /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Sorry, you're s c r e w e d ! Perhaps she forgot your 40th bday too? Try that angle (if possible). Perhaps she was NOT INTERESTED in celebrating her 40th (like mine, and I had the party lined up too); if so, offer the party as a reminder of how much you love her.

Think positively - I guarantee she'll "forget" Father's Day.
i would have to agree with the jewelry, probably gonna have to be pretty big though....
Bob....tis, tis. YOU MESSED UP BIG TIME!

Take it from someone who did the same thing last year. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif My wife's B-day is coming up in two weeks, and believe me, I will NEVER EVER forget again.

She promised to make me pay for forgetting her b-day last year, and this she has! For what I could of got out for a couple of hundred bucks, has now cost me closer to $1500. She promised I would keep paying for my mistakes until her next b-day. Thank Goodness it will end in two weeks.

I have learned a valuable lesson, and won't ever forget again.

If your wife is anything like mine, it won't matter if you buy her jewelry, clothes, flowers, etc. As they will gladly accept all, and continue to harass you for more by bringing up your forgetfulness!

Man I feel sorry for you!, and just incase you haven't realized yet.....YOU SCREWED UP BIG TIME!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Good Luck!
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Just tell her your gift to her was to skip her 40th. That way she would never turn 40.
We got married on her birthday, if I forgot, I'd be toast... Apologize and take her to dinner and a movie. Keep on putting the lid down, clean the bathroom and be nice and maybe she'll forget....

Not a chance /forums/images/icons/smile.gif but worth a try!
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