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I think the real problem here is the number of people posting, which is considerable based on other forums I go to. Maybe what is needed is a subdivision - something like TECHNICAL for grassroots questions on the Mustang and a LOUNGE for bs'ing and talking about the forum, how to post pics and so forth. In that way, a person could bypass the chit-chat and go directly to the TECH area and post a question on the Mustang.

I would also like to see a "virtual" car show, now that Bob has allowed us to post pics and what not. This has worked at a number of sites around the internet and don't think it would cover only restored cars. As you all may be aware, there are trophys for "restoration in progress" cars that illustrate the degree and complexity of an ongoing restoration. I think everyone would get a feel for what each owns and appreciate more the hard work we put into these "old cars".

Anyway, those are some thoughts on improving the "best car site on the Internet".

Any feedback???

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I like the "virtual car show" idea. Maybe someone could try and put that together on their site, if we can't do it here.

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Those are some great ideas. Our hobby is so diverse that dividing this forum into sections such as you suggested would be very beneficial and make this forum easier to navigate. Regarding the photos, I say amen to that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you can go to one area and pull up a picture of an ongoing restoration that has visual documentation of what you are trying to do or replicate, that is an invaluable resource. We have an incredible pool of resources here, and if we could organize and enhance those resources, we would all benefit. There are several websites of members of this forum (i.e. Charles Turner) that have detailed pictures and documentation of their cars and if there was one area that you could go to to see, for example, the correct detailing for a 65 undercarriage, one picture would equal 10 posts trying to describe the correct finish. Great ideas.

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It would be fairly easy for bishir to do a car show on his links page since he has most everyone's site there....

Just harvest a pic from the member's page and embed the link in the pic html....put the persons name and/or handle above the pic....

Another poll coming up. You will find opinions on this subject as emphatic as those on the subject of pop-to-top.

There are those of us (I'm one) who are convinced the one-soap-box approach is one of the key reasons this forum has special character. If you compartmentalize it, we'll all drift off to our own little corners and miss something that got posted to an area we didn't check.

Topics come, topics go, and you can choose to read them or not, but we all get a glimpse of them, each and every one. And that's a good thing.


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All great ideas that will utilize the new found power of this new platform. But it sounds like the power users of this forum are a bit annoyed by the growing pains associated with getting familiar with said software platform. In a week's time, the majority of posting content will back to normal, and Midlife's and Teebone's posting counts will be over a hundred!

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This is similar to the Restoration Guide suggested by 66CoupeNW on the old forum. It got good support, just not enough.

I'm trying to go a different way on my own, but it's not easy. I'm trying to assemble a collection of QUALITY photos of all interior and exterior colors, options, engines, etc.

Some of these types of efforts would be much easier if coordinated between several contributors.

Does this qualify as Mustang Subject Matter or just BSing?

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It's called Reader's Rides and you can get it by accessing the forum through

Now that people are getting familiar here with posting images I think we should have better response on Reader's Rides. Just note that the image tag over there is

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Sorry Jay. You're right. I had a lapse in memory. We already have a virtual car show started in the readers' rides.

Thanks for reminding us.

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I don't know about splitting it up into sections. I can see where you're coming from, but... I don't know. It seems to me that the diversity of topics on the VMF is half of the reason why it is so much nicer than the other forums out there. Also, in my experience, even when you split a forum up into sections, you're still going to have a little of everything in each section.

Plus, you have to remember that most of the stuff we B.S. about here starts out with a normal question.

i bet someone's gonna suggest "subdividing" the V8's from the six bangers...again
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