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Found the leak, now to figure out how to seal it.

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I removed all of the trim and seat and panels in the rear of my 65' FB in an attempt to finally locate the leak that has been sopaking my carpet. I noticed some water near the side vent on the drivers side rear, but needed to remove everything to get a better look. Well tonight it is raining and sure enough water is just dripping in like no tomorow. It drips off the bottom of the side air vent box. I can;t tell if it is coming from inside it yet and needs to be re-sealed or if it is coming in in front of it - ie between the vent and car metal. On the outside their is definitly a small gap where the vent portion sits against the body...I thought any water that went through that gap was supposed to end up in the vent box. Could it just be flowing down the inside of the car and then dripping of the bottom of the vent box. (I have weld, interior and body manuals on order). I can;t tell if a gasket is missing or something inthat area..but any help you fine folks can tell me about sealing this area would be's sad to watch this water just keep getting in. Thanks, Kory
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On my 68 there is a hose from the air box that takes the water down into the rocker panel, where it then runs out the drain in the bottom of the rocker.

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I have the hoses, in place and running out the bottom of the car. The water is dripping off the rear of the box bottom, dripping onto the curve of the inner wheel well and then runnin right down under the rear seat and down onto the rear drivers floor under the carpet. :-(
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