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Four post garage lift for Father's Day!

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I just ordered a four post garage lift with all the trimmings from Superior, (Super Lifts). SWMBO, gave the "nod" and I hesitated not one second in making the order by phone! I have been researching these things for years and had narrowed down my choices to either Superior, Eagle, or Bend Pak. The deal that they made for me at Superior for the "works" cinched it. 3-4 weeks from now and I'll finally be somebody lol! Yeah I know...I got me a darling wife.
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You are going to love that hoist ! I've had a four poster for over six years now , even built a hitch for it so I can tow it from garage to garage with garden tractor . Some times even to the neighbors .Deputy thinks it should be licensed so it could go to his house .
Color me envious! I'm getting tired of using Dads.
Very cool. I should be so lucky.
You'll love the hoist. I have a two-post asymmetric from BendPac, as does Bossman (same model). I use it all the time, and it makes life very very easy. One thing I wish it had, though, was adjustable feet that screwed up and down. It does come with both 1" and 3" spacers.

Now for the upright oil drain pan, tranny hoist, and all the accessories for working up in the air!
Wow...the hitch idea is terrific. Now I have to go and make sure theres enough argon. Thanks.
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