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I am working on a 68' that has been clipped and is now on a frame jig. I have two different frame charts that are very similar, but the dimensions are taken from different locations on each chart (which may be a good thing in the long run). The dimensions I have on the car are as follows, rear to front:
All dimensions are plus 18" from the floor. Frame chart plus 18".
Bottom of rear frame, behind rear spring, rear mount; 29 1/8"
Center of rear spring, rear frame mount; 30 9/16"
Bottom of frame at front of axle bumper; 32 1/4"
Center of rear spring, front frame hole; 24 1/2"
Bottom of pinch weld just behind the rear rocker drain; 23 1/8"
Bottom of pinch weld just behind front rocker drain, back side of notch; 24 7/8"
Notice that in the 4'3" between the rocker drains there is a 1 3/4" rise rear to front. Sure seems to be too much.
One datum point is not very well defined on one chart which is labeled "FRAME DIAGRAMS" at the top of the page and "1970-67 MUSTANG & COUGAR" on the bottom. The closest datum that makes sense to me is a hole @ 1/2" diameter, centered in the frame rail @ 4" in front of the rear spring front mount. This hole goes all the way through the frame rail, but does not go through the rear torque box. Is this the correct datum point for that chart?
Lots of dimensions I know, but the help would be appreciated. I'd like to get this thing dead nuts if I can.
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