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FREE!! 8" rearend from my 69 MustangcoupeBayAreaCA

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FREE!!! Come and get it. 8" rearend, front bench seat, stock steel wheels / tires. All parts are from my 69' Mustang coupe.

[email protected]
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Interested in the steel wheels and tires! Sendingyou an E-mail. Renee'
Interested in the 8" rear end! Also sent you an e-mail

'70 6cyl coupe, looking for a V8 transplant!
The rear should be picked up on Sunday, If it doesn't go I will go down the list of people that want it... No one wants the bench seat? I have been trying to give that away for months... And the Wheels/ tires are yours Renee' I am in Concord.
Still have the bench seat.come and get it!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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