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I am in the process of cleaning out my basement and wanted to offer up the homemade body stand that I made for my 1967 Mustang. I built the stand out of wood and have the top boards wrapped in carpet to protect the underside. My 67 convertible sat on this stand for almost two years. I used it once I had my floors replaced and needed to do the rest of the welding and body work on the car.

The stand works great and I made it so you can still jack the car up under the stand from either the front or back. I used my wheel dollies to put under each leg post and was able to push the body around my garage as need be.

I am located in Chicago, on the northside, near Western and Belmont. If some one is interested, let me know, it is yours, just come pick it up. Here is a link to pictures
Body Stand

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