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Installing new Freeze plugs and oil plugs in my 289 and need a little help. Not sure where they all go lol

Here are my plugs, one of the screw in ones is bad I have a replacement for that one. The large one is for the crank at the rear of the engine, the nickle size plug I think goes in the valley but not sure where. The top screw plugs 2 go on the side of the block(I know one is damaged I have the replacement) not sure about the other 2, and the 4 on the bottom are oil plugs but not sure where they go.


On the side of the block I got the large plugs installed and there are 2 of the screw in plugs(1 on each side) that need installed.
block side 1.jpg
block side 2.jpg

This is the front of the engine I have 3 installed.

In the valley I know one about the size of a nickle goes here but not sure where.

vally (1).jpg

In the rear I don't know which goes in here other than the really large one.


If anyone could help that would be great I know it might be a little confusing but honestly I'm confused to start with.

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