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Friday Night Cruise in...Pretty Cool! (Photos)

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I checked out the local Bob's Bigboy hang out tonight, and had a blast! SWMBO and I had just picked up the brand new Mustang Vert, and took it and the 67 Vert over to the Friday night show that is held in the parking lot. They had a DJ playing a lot of 50's & 60's music, some folks even went as far as to dress up in the era.

Had a good turn out of Fords, Dodges, Chevys, and a couple of others. Lets see... There was a Woodie, a 66 Mustang on Propane, oh yeah! There was a 426 hemi there as well.
You can check out some of the other photos I took here!
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MAN! I wish I didn't live so far away (even though it isn't THAT far)
Hey Doug,

Isn't that a very clean 426 Wedge with the cross ram?

One of my buddies down the street when I was a teenager had a mid 60's Dodge with that like that were a dime a dozen back then...*G*

See anyone from the local Mustang club there?
Did you talk to the owner of the '66 set up to run on Propane ? What mods are required ? Good power, etc ?

There's a big push around here to run vehicles on Propane or LNG (liquified natural gas)......I read that there are approximate $1000 in mods required......But that long term maintanence costs are less...fuel costs less? And also that the internals of one of these engines stays unbelievably clean.....I'm interested if you got more info....TIA - Dickson
Your right about the 426 /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif don't know what i was thinking?

Nope, didn't see anyone from the club, but then again... Don't know anybody from the club either! They are having a club dinner and meeting either this coming Thursday or the following Thursday out at Brooks Ranch on Chestnut & 99, I was thinking of taking the swmbo and kids and checking it out, to see what they have to offer. I figured we gotta eat, so it won't be a total loss if I don't feel it's worth it! Maybe we will see you there?
Hey Dickson,

Yep I did talk to the owner about the propane set up, for about an hour! Pretty amazing stuff. I even got a few more photos under the hood and in the trunk, that I didn't post on the photo page. I'm getting ready to head out for the Pismo Beach Car show, so I will start a new thread tomorrow on the 66 with propane.
I don't know if I want to check out a club who's website's last major update was in 1998...*G*

Couldn't even find info on Club events...

Did find more info here

Meeting this month is on the 27th at 7pm, with dinner at 6pm..

IIRC, Brooks Ranch used to serve up some pretty good grub...I've been there mainly for lunch with business colleagues.
I have been corrosponding with one of the board members of the club. And I asked her that same question about the the club's website, and her response was, Quote: "the fellow who was handling it hasn't been available for a long time, and nobody else in the club knows how to do a web site like that." end Quote.

Anyway like I said... Gotta Eat!, I use to know the manager out there at Brooks Ranch, but that was a while back, he had a thing for V8 Vegas! It's been a while, so I doubt he is still there. I'm not to sold on joining the club either, but I figured I haven't really given one of there meetings a fair shake yet, sooooo.....
Well I was already at Pismo .. Like I've said I usually go to Bob's every week but this week we couldn't make it. I figured most people would be out of town anyways and it wouldn't be a strong show. There was some awesome cars at Pismo huh? Did you see Capp's drag modified stang? I heard a bunch of people talking about it. Unfortunately it's always the same cars at Bob's after you've been so much.
Yea Pismo had a good turn out, some really nice cars. We hung out with Mark Capps & Diana most of the day. His mustang has taken first the last couple of years in the modified catagory. He was suppose to give me a ride in it back to the hotel, but a girl name Heidi beat me out /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif guess she had prettier legs! *LOL We had to leave around 7pm, so don't know how he did yesterday, since the results weren't going to be in until 9pm. He's does have some really nice additions he will doing with the car for next year, he was telling me. Anyway I did meet Morgan from the VMF, and got to see his Shelby. Pretty nice I must say, hope he did well in his catagory also!

We will probably be at Bob's next Friday, maybe we will see you there!
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