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Front brake pulling under hard braking....

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What are the likely causes of the right front tire pulling me to the right under hard braking? Is it a bad wheel cylinder, or proportioning valve, or both? I redid the rear brakes, but not the front, and put a new MC on...It just started doing it recently....I got 4 wheel non-power drums all the way around....

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Had this exact same problem on a '65 coupe some years back. Turned out to be a frozen self-adjuster mechanisim. Could be the lining has become contaminated either with grease (bad seal) or fluid from a leaking wheel cylinder. I've also experienced cracked linings which make a wheel brake very grabby. Proportioning valve controls only the rear brakes, modulating pressure to prevent premature lockup, so doubt it would be that. Having said that, 4 wheel drum brakes don't use a proportioning valve in the system. Was the car previously a disk brake car?

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