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See for our current offerings. Remember that forum members will recieve $30 off on a set of spindles, and $50 off on the SWAP.2 kit. JUST ASK!

CSRP offers new production Granada type spindles and caliper brackets for Front disc brake swaps. We also offer complete swap kits.

The spindle kit includes all new high strength Granada design spindles and caliper brackets, new splash shields, shield gaskets, mounting flange, and the proper SEMS bolts. This set (GSS-1) is offered to all Ford car forum members at $229 + S&H.

I also offer a complete front disc brake swap kit based on Granada design for 6 and 8 cylinder 65-73 Mustang and other related cars including some Falcon, Torino, Fairlane, Cougar, Comet, Montego, and Maverick. The kit includes the spindle kit GSS-1, bearings, seals, all of the small parts (22 pcs.), brake hoses, cardone refurbed calipers, semi-metallic pads, SLOTTED ROTORS, a Raybestos refurb master cylinder, outer tie rods (or adapter bushings), and an adjustable proportioning valve. This kit has absolutely everything needed to make a front disc brake swap. You only need to adapt your brake hard lines to fit in the proportioning valve, master cylinder, and hoses, and resolve wheel issues. This kit (SWAP-2) is offered to all Ford car forum members at $495 + S&H.

Spindle Kit, part# GSS-1 $229
Swap Kit, part# SWAP-2 $495

Email me at [email protected] for payment and shipping details, and technical questions including application and wheel fitment issues. Mention your forum membership. See the FAQ section and product pictures at the upgraded website for product pictures.
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