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It kind of depends on what you intend on using the car for? If it is a daily driver that you will
be putting a lot of miles on, the alignment will be in a conservative direction. If it is a
weekend car and you want a lot of grip and are not to worried about tire ware you will have
different setting's.
For a daily driver you can go with 0 deg. camber - 1-1 1/2 deg. caster - 1/8" tow in. The more
grip you wand the more camber you put in. My '65 coup has 1.9 deg. negative camber - 2 deg.
caster - and no tow-in. I drive the car on the street and the track. I pay $165.00 each for the
track tires and $65.00 for the street tires so I have it set up to save money on the track. If I
had a street set up on the track the slick tires would not last to long. With the track set up in,
the street tires last a long time on the street but not as long as if I had no camber.
What are you going to use the car for???
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