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Wifes Mercedes makes kind of a grinding sound when cornering hard making a right(left front wheel) Checked the shocks and replaced the fronts, replaced the sway bar ends and the tie rod end-they all looked kind of shot. 200K miles. Repacked the wheel bearings, didn't look chewed. Darn thing still grinds a little.

When I pull on the wheel while it's off the ground, if I push/pull on the top and bottom, no play,. push pull on the sides, there is a little play.

Only the left side does it. Sound like steering? Ball joints? This is an 83 380sl that is actually pretty similar to a Mustang in design.


J. Boggs

You didn't say if you replaced the front pads or not, how do they look? Also what kind are they?
Sometimes the metal impregnated pads, thinking Metal Master brand, can get hard spots and make
noise. Also check to see if they are wearing evenly, a sticking caliper causes weird things to happen.
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