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I'm installing a set of 600 coils up front, and they are reduced to lower the car by 1". My question is, will I have to realign the car at some point when I get it on the road? Also, I am going to replace the strut rod bushings, and was wondering what size that nut is on the end. Is it 1" exactly, or 1-1/16th, or some type of mm size?
Good thing is previous owner alread replacedy lower and upper ball joints it looks like. I'm also adding a 1" sway bar and hopes this will make a difference in handling. Thanks.

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Your strut rod bushing change alone will warrant an alignment check. The strut rod nut is not metric. Leave the strut rod connected to the lower control arm until after you remove the front nut or else the strut rod will spin instead of the nut coming off. With the additions you have mentioned you will notice a significant difference in handling.
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