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front frame rails

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I need information regarding the correct alignment for front frame rails on my 68 FB. Both rails are in poor condition and there is some noticeable sag in the car. (gap between fender and door is smaller near top of front fender),
Where can I get good info. (dimensions etc) for proper installation if I replace both front rails.
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I don't have the information, but I had a similar problem with a '65 convertible that had been hit in the right front. The Frame and Body shop I went to had a manual with all the appropiate dimensions for linear dimensions front to rear and side to side (actually to tooling points built into the unibody), and also vertical heights. If you have a friendly body shop they may let you copy these dimensions out of their book.

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I've been looking a crash sheet I have from center of hole on each of the rear frame rails is listed as 29.84 inches. There is a diagonal measurement from front of opposite shocktower to frame fail at the just in fromt of firewall rear most hole of three shown of 29.41. Hope this helps out.

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oops 65.. Sorry about that.. need to verify if they stayed the same.

1969 Coupe
1965 Fastback (Project)
Find a body shop that has latest Autorobot versions. These benches have 3-D Mustang cards for alignment.

Sorry, I misread 68 to 66. They only have 3-D measurements for 65-66 HT and FB and 69-70 HT and 79-> all

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