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Front Seats

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Hi there! Is there anyway to restore the seat track and slider, the springs, and the knob for the adjusting? Any suggestion would be helpful to me and to the car! And if your not responding thank you anyways for just looking at my question!
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I just sanded mine all down real smooth, took off all the rust, primed 'em, sprayed them semi-gloss black, and lubed up the tracks. Works really well now, I used white lithium grease on the tracks and those beauties slide real nice, without any effort at all.


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As long as all the pieces are there, the little plastic slides
were gone on one of mine, you can clean em up and paint.
All the old grease and crud is usually what makes em bind
up. Regs.

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The seat tracks can be tuned up with cleaning and grease, but if you are missing any parts (such as the rollers or ESPECIALLY the nylon bushings) you will have to buy a replacement (new repro or from somebody parting out, preferably the latter - repros are, well, repros - agrarian people from other lands who have never seen a car, much less a Mustang, make them).

My tracks were missing two nylon bushings and had a broken spring or two. I took both tracks apart (the bolts are pressed in and will have to be pressed out to get the rollers out) and cannibalized the passenger bushings to put the driver track in perfect condition, bought a used seat track from my local Mustang guy and combined the parts from that with the parts from my passenger track to make another perfect track.

Assembly/disassembly is tricky, but kinda fun. Make a drawing B4 you start so you know which side goes where and how, etc. (this is not rocket scientry, but it eliminates multiple assembly/disassembly if you make a mistake - and you don't want to press those seat track bolts in an out very many times).

My air ratchet came in handy taking out those seats and putting them back in record time. Undo the back bolts first so the seat doesn't fall back stressing the bolts.

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I used the white lithium grease also and they worked great. I found a new knob in a salvage yard, can't remember what I took it off of though. NAPA and Pep Boys, etc. carry a good selection of misc. springs. Good luck, happy sliding.

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