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Front Shock Installation Problems

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I am a longtime reader of VMF and I have used the knowledge gained here to purchase a 66 convertible. The previous owner had cut the front springs to lower the car approximately 1.5 in. I recently installed stock ride height springs which I purchased from Canadian Mustang. Munroe stock replacement shocks were also ordered. My problem is with regard to the lower spring saddle. Now that the new springs are installed the shock mounting surface on the saddle is not parallel with the upper shock mounting surface. In other words if I lower the shock onto the saddle 1 thread engages fully and even with the shock biased all the way to one side of the opening, I cannot get the nut started on the other thread. I could pivot the saddle with a prybar and force the shock into position but then once I release it there would be a significant side-load on it. Another problem which may be related is that the spring bulges outward slightly and there is a slight interference with the bumper bracket. Any assistance for this newbie would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Well, this is just a guess, but since you said that the spring bulges outward some, and that they are brand new, I'd be willing to bet that the spring probably isn't seated correctly in the spring saddle. There is a little stop on the saddle, and the end of the spring needs to be turned so that it rests against this stop.

did u replace the saddle. if u did then maybe its in backwards. thats about all i can think of from here. didnt have that problem when i did mine. the tab to hold the spring should be closest to the shock tower, facing inwards. if that helps.
The saddles are installed with the "tab" facing inboard and the springs are rotated such that the end contacts the tab. I really am puzzled by this problem.
sounds to me like you installed the top of the shock first. to install the front shocks, you have to do the bottom two first. then all you need to do to install the top is to jack up the lower control arm and have someone push down on the top of the shock so you can start to thread the bolt in. hope this was your problem.

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You need to put the car back down on the ground, then install the shocks. With the front suspension hanging, its a royal pain to get them to line up. Once the car has weight back on the front end, everything will fall right in place.

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