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frontn alighnment

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i'm taking my car for a front end alighnment today, and i know this question has been asked before. i'm kinda in a hurry and open tracker and auto steve have been real helpful in this area. my question is , can i please have the measurements one more time. my cars front suspension and all rear suspension including leaf springs and all steering linkage has been changed. i dropped the car 1" all the way around. and i did not do the shelbly drop. i'm looking for the best numbers for a ncie little streetcar.......Please help me...........Allen
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Camber - negative 1/2*
Caster - Positive 1.5* (Manual Steering) / Positive 2.5* (PS)
Toe - 1/8" Toe-In

Great for a street car with radial tires.
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