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Fuel Cell

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Has anyone out there tried any fuel cells?
Specifically, the ones from Mustangs Plus?

They sell Fuel Safe Racing Cells, some of which they claim can be used with the stock style filler neck.

I like the idea of having a 22 gal fuel cell that I can still fill without opening my trunk

Any info?



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Get it from Racer Parts Wholesale it's a longer wait but I got it for about $600 with the sender (22 gallon model). Make sure you get the correct part number from Fuel Safe and specify the correct sender. It's a lot of work to get it in there... and forget the original filler (it's vaporware) it defeats a lot of the safety element of the cell. It's also really cool to pop your trunk to fill up /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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I think with the classic mustangs its almost a necessity to have one... one hit in the back and you have a disaster waiting to happen... they did a whole thing about this problem on 20/20 or soemthing, really opened my eyes

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'70 Mustangs came with 22gal tanks. They fit in 65-70s with minor modifications to the filler neck. Make sure you get the correct sender. I know it's not as safe as a fuel cell, but definitely cheaper...

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