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Fuel pump leaking

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I was installing and Ignitor unit in my 65 I6 and noticed a little oil leak from the fuel pump/block and a little weeping (gas) from the pump 'bowl'. A mechanic friend says the diaphram is getting ready to fail. Both the leaks are a symptom. Can anyone confirm this diagnosis?? I'd rather just get a new pump than sit on the side of the road. I just got the car a few weeks ago and only have put about 100 miles on it so I do not know the cars quirks yet. Thanks for any info.. Martin..
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My philosophy from an aircraft mechanic:

If it weeps. Don't worry about it.

If it seeps. Keep an eye on it.

If it leaks. Fix it.
replacing the fuel pump now will save you a arkward moment in the future, especially if you are maybe stuck in the desert somewhere near Barstow or somewhere else.
Replace it. They are pretty cheap and it can be done in 1/2 hour or so.
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