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It's been a few weeks since I got an entire day to spend out in the garage. I worked on Pauls2 for about three hours. Replaced the dash instrument lens and cleaned up a mess of wires under the dash. Got the AM/FM working and it even has stereo in the dash speaker. then it was fixing the turn signals in the hood and finishing a few minor engine compartment details.

Then it was on to the 07 GT/CS. Installed a Roush cold air kit and a hood lift kit so that I could get rid of the prop rod. Both projects went well and the cold air kit made a huge difference in the sound of the engine. Added quite a bit of pep as well. Can't wait to get a flash tuner for it. Also have a black honeycomb panel to install tomorrow on the back of the trunk lid.

Finished up with a good cleaning of the garage and getting things back where they belong. I also made several trips to the neighbors on either side of me to break things up. Scott recently bought a 86 GT convertible with a 5 speed and Doug just picked up a 95 GT HO convertible. Both were wrenching on them today.

Great way to spend a Saturday............ :)
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