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funny noise, possible steering or suspension prob

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Hello Everyone,

I have a 65 FB w/ a 289, C4, power steering, new tires and torque thrust d's.. I've been having a problem for the last 6 mo's or so. Whenever I take a 90 degree turn going over 10 mph the car makes a squeeling noise like I'm going really fast and my tires are losing grip. although it makes me look like steve mcqueen, i'd rather fix the problem... it also happens occasionally when I'm just braking kind of hard. i'm thinking maybe my steering tie rods are loose or i need an alignment.. any ideas??

thanks for your time,
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Usually that's the sound of under-inflated tires. What's the max. air pressure for your tires, and what are you running in them currently?
they're set at 32psi all around.. i think max is 35psi (they're BFG radial T/A's). however, wouldn't under inflated tires help you grip around corners?
I'd get your alignment checked. If your toe-in or camber is out of whack, you can have bad squeeling noises.

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