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Really appreciate all the work that went into the new Forum. I enjoy all the good natured bantering but really like to follow the troops in solving their technical problems. The Forum is really not set up to carry the continuing story. As the program matures I hope the ability to easily track everyone's progress on problems can be built in.

As an example ; check

Certainly happy with the way the Forum is now, just offering some thought for future consideration. Think we can all benefit from each other's experience. Just my $.02.

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When I have to catch up on a posters story to make a somewhat educated response *G*, I usually search for the poster by user name and scan the result for the subject they're asking about...

I think the best place for folks to chronicle their progress is on their own web pages, which now can easily show as links in their sig line...

So far I'm very happy (as primarily an answerer of technical questions) with the new Forum....vast improvement...

You got to have a good memory at VMF to remember all the parts of the story. My carburator (mis)adventure lasted 5 months before Camachinist finally convinced me of my errant ways. Persistance pays off. With the new forum, we can now link to the old post, and remind folks of what preceded. We're gonna have to use that feature more and more.

While chatting over the past couple of nights, I was able to rapidly search this forum for exactly the post I was looking much easier than the old VMF. This is a real pleasure drive! me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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I had a good time the other day when someone asked about an obsolete front brake spring. I knew I'd asked the same question and got an answer that listed a couple of sources for the spring. I finally found it by displaying the old forum by posters name. The side benefit was that once I got to my post, I was able to relive all the issues I had getting my convertible roadworthy. It was great to see how fast things came together and to also see who all the guys were that gave me the info I needed.
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Wow....5 months? Where the heck was I all that time?...hehehe

I hope people read your post and remember to link to their main problem story posts when updating....that sure would make our lives much easier...

BTW...battery died in Renee's rice burner yesterday...those little Honda engines make some funny noises when there's not enough juice to crank em over...*G*
But, I had a good oportunity to look over the engine while I was working...they sure pay good attention to design and detail on those suckers, I gotta admit....
Maybe that's why they're so popular and hold value so well...hmm

Plus the chat room's a good place to get quick info, alot of the really smart guys (not me, but I'm there anyhow) hang out there like you Midlife (wipes brown from nose), Pat, Bossman, and Charles Turner, so I can get my stupid questions answered instantly!


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I would still like to see alittle more space in the signature line. Once the URLs are typed in for the two pics there's not much left for anything else. However, the new format is extremely more user-friendly now...especially the search engine.
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