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Finally, after listening to my friend tell me how fast his car was ('70 Barracuda, 318, 727 tranny, headers, cam, Holley, etc...) I finally made him put it to the test. Last night after work around 11pm we went out and found a desolate turnaround off Loop 1604 here in SA. I pulled out my G-Tech and plugged it in and explained to him how it worked. The first run was a 15.89 @ 91.5 mph. I was pretty impressed. He thought it was good for 14's though... Two more runs turned out a 16.03 and a 16.01 at similar mph. I'd say the little G-tech is pretty accurate. Too much fun though. A couple of cops showed up across the way from our shutdown area so we called it a night. I told him we could have picked up more girls in the Mustang...

This Friday we are putting a 440 in place of the 318 to make it a "real' Cuda...more fun with the G-tech to follow /forums/images/icons/wink.gif


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Years ago, I was at grudge night at Englishtown, N.J. with the club I was with. I had my 85, 5.0 5 spd LX ( God do I miss that car!!!!!!!!!! ) I was running 15.20's with a broken heat riser ( stuck shut, didn't know it at the time ). This grease ball comes up to me with this old POS Nova, and ask's me if I want to buy a real race car. He told me he had 4 grand into the motor and wanted to sell the car. I told him politely that I wasn't interested. Later, my brother came up to me, after watching the "race car" run and told me it was running very high 16's, LOL! BTW, my 85 still had 2.73's and I was granny shifting at 5,300 rpm's. A fellow club member had the exact clone to mine and was running 14.80's.

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