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Gap in sheet metal

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I've noticed a small gap (less than 1/4") between the sheet metal welded in by the previous owner that is about 4" long. I'm wondering if this can be filled in by something like JB Weld or fiberglass? What is the preferred method?

I'll try to describe the location. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Passenger side, where the flooring sheet metal meets the vertical wall of the kick panel. Or if you were looking at it with the fender removed I suppose this would be the passenger side splash panel behind the wheel.

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3M seam sealer will do the trick...
The seam sealer, get as much as you can into the crack from the botton and from the top, keep the water out. If the seam underneath is not sealed all along the sill it should be done, as well as all along the inside as well.
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