Time to clean out the garage and get rid of some stuff.
I have a lot of carbs and distributors. All but 2 of the carbs were sourced by my dad over the years at swap meets, etc., and are in need of rebuild/cleaning and, in some cases, may be missing parts. Two carbs were mine that I used on engines I no longer have and they are complete and in good shape, needing only new gaskets.

If anyone is interested in one or more of the below, you can send me a PM or post here. If you want pics of anything, send me a PM with your email.

So, with that being said, here we go:

The 2 carbs that were mine are complete and ready to go with new gaskets. When these carbs were taken off the engine, bowls were removed and all gas drained.

Might Demon 750 double pumper. Here are the specs.https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dem-5402010gc
Includes braided fuel log
$300 shipped to lower 48

Holley 3310-6 date code 1079 750cfm vacuum secondary.

$225 shipped to lower 48.


Accel 30202. Dual point, no vacuum advance. I believe this is for 351c, 429, 460.

Accel 32401V. Dual Point, vacuum advance for SBF

Mallory 2748201. Points with vacuum advance. I believe this is for small block Chevy

Distributors all appear to be in good shape but could use new caps and rotors. $75 each shipped to lower 48.

Other carbs:

Holley list 8408 D8PE ADA A 21123. I believe this may be a Ford truck carb?

Holley list 3918 60.8. Google tells me this is for a 1968 Chrysler 440.

Holley list 1850 # 5752426. I have 3 of these. Date codes are 0654, 411 and 452. I believe these were for large Mercurys and 430 T-Birds.

Holley 1850-2 date code 064

Autolite C5ZF B ALB for 65 Mustang. This is missing parts, but could be rebuilt.

Autolite C8AF BD. I believe this is 68 302. Missing more parts than the C5ZF. This is probably a core only.

Holley 1850-3 date code 3217

Holley 3310-3 date code 2148

Holley 3310-3 date code 1728

Holley B0457 date code 1086

For any of the above Holleys, I'd take $50 plus shipping. For the Autolites, I'd take $25 plus shipping.

And finally, I also have a Holley list 3246 #3885067 EE date code 621, which is a 780 CFM which appears to be for a 66 Chevy 427/396. I'd take $125 plus shipping.

And please feel free to make offers.