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Gas Cap Restoration

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Have a 65 Gas cap with cracked plastic lens. Do they have replacements for these? Would appreciate any leads. It part of the "keep it orginal thing"
Crazy as that may be

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I'm not sure if you can easily disassemble the gas cap to replace the cracked/crazed original center. One thing you might try: I've improved the appearance of some by applying a gloss paint-on clearcoat polyurethane. It won't repair deep cracks, but will kinda disguise surface scratches.
If that does not work, the good quality repros are good. Dickson

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I have a 65 gas cap. As far as I know, the center is good on it. If you want it, let me know-I'm not using it and I have a new one for my 66 so I don't need it. I'm also located in Ct. Bob

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