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My main problem is I don't have the funds currently to replace a lot of parts, even at $30 a piece, so I need to fix them.

Neither are big issues, but both effect my ability to know if I have any gas at all, ha.

First off my gas gauge doesn't read right. I think I determined that is the gauge itself and not a problem within the tank. I did the trick where you ground the wire from the tank and I could get the gauge to flutter slightly, but it wouldn't go past 1/2 and always died rather instantly, also gets effected by tapping.

Before I redid the interior the gauge somewhat worked, it would read 3/4 when fully full and empty when half full. It might still do this, I haven't actually completely filled the tank since I got her back on the road.

So I assume the problem is with the gauge and not somewhere else, its getting a signal, just having problems with it. Anything I might be missing?

The problem is I have no idea how to actually fix the gauge. If I had $60 to spare right now I'd just put a new one in and call it day, but I don't at the moment.

My other problem is my speedometer. It will flutter once I get up to 40mph, but dies off, just lays dead now. Use to flutter more before the rebuild. I checked the gear that goes into the transmission and was surprised to find it in perfect shape. I don't think its a problem with the gauge since it moved smoothly, just fluttered, so I was thinking it was the speedometer cable.

When I redid the interior I taped the end close so nothing could get in. I tried putting graphite down in it quiet a bit as well. If it was working I could use the odometer to tell my gas, but its not.

Stupid problems to be having but its keeping me from being on the road. I could wait a month to buy the parts if I absolutely have to, but I have about a thousand things on my plate and I'd like to get it done as soon as possible. The 1500 mile road trip to Austin will not be fun if I keep running out of gas.

Thanks for the help. I know the easy thing would just be to buy the new parts, but I don't have more than $20 to spend on my car this month.
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