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Anyone have any opinions of the Gear Vendor setup that was in the last Mustangs Illustrated ? The 6 speeds (on a 3 speed auto) and easy install make it look pretty good compared to an AOD.

1965 Wimbledon White Fastback
289, 4bbl, 5spd manual

I'd be interested in this as well. I am considering an AOD in my '68 Coupe. I checked into the Gear Vendors after seeing an article a year or two ago. I dismissed the idea, but now I can't remember why. Considering all the extra stuff needed for the AOD conversion, and the potential problems with the TV cable, the Gear Vendors sounds pretty good.

'68 Coupe, Modified 289 w/ Holley blower
'65 Convertible (future 66 Shelby GT350 clone)
427 S/C Cobra Replica
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