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I inquired about this and a few others as well so as promised here are the parts that worked for me. I know there are many ways to run fuel to a carb but I wanted a stainless hard line so that's what I got. I wanted stainless for longevity, safety, and appearance.
I'm sure this can be done cheaper but at this point in my build a couple more dollars is worth it. This works nicely and doesn't require any flaring of the stainless hard line. The line will reach fine but only if you use every single part on this list. You will have to make a few slight bends in help everything line up.
FYI- the fuel line is a dull stainless but a few seconds on a buffing wheel and then hit with some Mothers alumunum and mag polish and she will shine nicely.
pics below.

parts needed:
Edelbrock 1406 Carb which is 600cfm. This also should work with other models, .

Edelbrock 8131 - Edelbrock Single-Feed Fuel Line Kits

Right Stuff Detailing ZPC6602S - Right Stuff Detailing Fuel Pump to Carburetor Lines
(one end has a flare with fitting for pump end. the other end has a bubble flare so cut that off as close to the bubble flare as possible)

Summit Racing SUM-220675B - Summit Racing™ Fuel Pressure Gauge Fittings

Mr. Gasket 1561 - Mr. Gasket Fuel Pressure Gauges
(if not used you will need something to make up that distance as the fuel line just reaches)

Earl's Performance AT915106ERL - Earl's Performance Couplers

Fragola Performance Systems 893005-BL - Fragola Performance Systems AN to Tube Adapter Fittings

(This is a compression fitting and not flaring needed)

Standard mechanical fuel pump -remember Eddy carbs don't like much more than 7lbs and will flood with too much pressure.


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