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geocities will not permit photo posting

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I was experiencing problems getting my photos to post and learned from another post (Bossman) that Geocities will not permit this site to display photos.

As I developed my signature, it worked, but that's only because I'm a member...or something to that effect.

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hehe, I just told you the same thing on your other post. Oh well....


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I have been pointing out hosts that don't work all along but the thread is totally burried now. Geocities is no good as well as Angelfire. I have seen limited success with Tripod. Some people love photopoint but they put their info on your image.

Keep an eye out, I am adding threads as I find suitable hosts.

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Please bring back last post to top!
I hope they are appreciated here....

I'll be doing some research this morning for suitable hosts...they're getting fewer and farther between...

Keep us posted...*G*

You could be like me and pay $15 a month for your own domain name and web space. I have 100 MB of space and 15 gigs monthly transfer, 10 email accounts. It's not user friendly like geocities, but I don't get letters saying that they'll delete my account because I am remote hosting.

Geocities will not allow photo hosting (you store the image there and it gets displayed by some other website automatically---like VMF), but that does not mean you can't put a photo there and link to it. Does require viewers to click a link, and I understand it's not as convenient, just wanted to clarify that it is not a total ban on posting photos.

Point two, since your photo does not display, you ought to consider removing it from your sig. It takes a long time to open a post that has a photo in it that won't display. VMF still contacts geocities and attempts to load the pic while geocities takes its own sweet time to refuse. Which means a long wait to see your post.


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good idea
Most guys don't want to mess with that stuff...coporate mentality.....*G*

They probably get a free access account with their job through the corporate LAN or remote hosting....

I have my own web space which I pay for (through my ISP) but can't justify the InterNIC fees and hosting fees until enough of my customers are web-saavy to make it worth the's hard to sell machine work over the internet...more of a local thing..

Jay and I are doing this as a community service for those members who are less web aware than we are....sharing the wisdom, so to speak...

BTW....which host do you use and what are their registration fees (in addition to InterNIC fees)? I'm planning on registering my domain this year and am actively shopping now...I'd like to find an integrated solution with a static IP option and CGI support and access to a secure server....

BTW, that's pretty good numbers for 15.00/month...

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Great Feedback...

I will remove the pic from my signature until a find a suitable alternative.

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